We are committed to delivering excellent quality and service to our clients while keeping our rates competitive.

Prices will vary depending on audio quality, complexity of the material and the number of speakers. It takes us from four to six hours to transcribe one hour of recorded material, but the rate is calculated based on the length of the recording, not an open-ended hourly rate for our time. Therefore you will know what the bottom line is going to be, and there will be no surprises.

Should we encounter an unexpected situation where there will be an additional charge, such as foreign accents or highly technical material, we will let you know before we begin working on the project.

No deposit or upfront fees are required. We will invoice you upon completion of the project to your satisfaction.

We will meet any reasonable deadline with NO RUSH CHARGES.

We have used this service for many years and everyone is so easy to work with. I would recommend this company to anyone needing quality transcription service.
John Whitaker, Manager

AV and Multi Media Services Company, Kellogg

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